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Aethera, chemotyped essential oil diffusion for indoor public spaces.


We consider the pursuit of health and well-being through natural means to be equally important as the future of our planet and these concerns are at the heart of everything we do.


Aethera has come up with an innovative method of diffusing chemotyped essential oils in indoor public spaces, targeting prevention as well as cure and allowing everyone to breathe clean and healthy air.


  • Ethics: we remain true to ourselves and our conscience, both personally as well as professionally, by honouring our commitments and the promises we make, whilst respecting complete confidentiality.
  • Courage: we know how to make the most of opportunities and are constantly moving forward and striving for innovation.
  • Efficiency: we always try to reach our objective in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
  • Quality: we want to get it right first time, every time, putting paid to mistakes and correcting any shortcomings. We endeavour constantly to improve.
  • Innovation: we are not merely content with maintaining the status quo. Ideas seeming far-fetched today could turn out to be the new products and services of tomorrow.
  • Motivation: we take steps to create a working environment where individuals feel valued and where they can reach their full potential. An environment where trust and support are omnipresent.
  • Team spirit: working as a team is more effective, productive and enjoyable all-round. Working together creates synergies. Even if it might seem quicker to work alone at times, working together allows us to go further.


Precision Equipment - Essential Oils

Precision Equipment

Specialising in equipment for machines and industrial equipment for over 30 years, one of our associates has first hand experience of a wide range of fields in industry. Thanks to his broad network of contacts in the sector, he selects the ideal partners and sub-contractors for the production and use of all components of the diffusion system, be it parts manufactured by a specialist in endoscopy and micromechanics (to the closest 100th mm), painting or the treatment of metallic surfaces.

Essential Oils

Aethera benefits from the extensive experience of its employees who, over the course of over twenty five years, have acquired unparalleled knowledge of those producing the premium quality plants that are used to make essential oils, distillers, supply and distribution circuits as well as major clients in all four corners of the world.

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