Chemotyped essential oil diffusion
for indoor public spaces

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The concept

Breathing in clean air no longer has to be a luxury !

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The concept

The Hera-line diffusion system offers to everyone in an indoor public space the opportunity to breathe in clean air.

The system offers a range of benefits : bacteriologically pure air (offering prevention against the risk of infection and reducing pathologies), improving everyone’s quality of life in a way that is beneficial and pleasing for all whilst neutralising unpleasant odours.

The Hera-line diffusion system uses synergy blends of complementary essential oils which carry a pleasant fragrance for optimal results. The formulae and scents may also be personalized and replaced on a regular basis in order to suit specific expectations.

Essential oils

Qualities of chemotyped essential oils

  • Oils that are 100% pure, natural and authentic
  • Pharmacologically active biochemical composition
  • Proven effective by various scientific publications
  • Internationally recognized expertise
  • Quality controlled by GCMS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry)
  • Full traceability
  • Absence of water (major microbial vector)

The system of diffusion

Hera-line, a system of diffusion by nebulisation

In addition to the chemotyped essential oils, the Hera-line diffusion system consists of a pump which releases fine particles at regular intervals from one or several stations.

The fixed diffusion system of chemotyped essential oils for indoor public spaces has been developed in such a way that it releases very fine particles (mist) of essential oils into the atmosphere in offices, rooms, halls and all enclosed spaces found inside buildings.

In the portable version of the Hera-line system, the pump and the diffuser form a whole.

You take it everywhere, also in sensitive environments.  A simple power supply is enough in order to use your Hera-line portable diffuser.

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The system of diffusion

Thanks to the nebuliser, the active essential oils remain suspended in the atmosphere

A unique concept

The system is made up of :

  • An electric pump which periodically generates a burst of air.
  • A range of diffusers (wall stations) which diffuse the mist.
  • A network of polyamide pipes which connect the air pump to the diffusion stations.
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  • > A pump which is silent yet robust

    The pump allows you to decide upon the frequency and duration of diffusion. One single pump can control up to 10 Hera-line diffusers.

    Particularly robust but also silent, the Hera-line pump does not transport heat, fluids or electricity. Spraying is generated by a device that can be programmed.

    Pompe silencieuse
  • > Discreet and efficient wall-mounted diffusion stations

    Station de diffusion - Brumisateur

    Combining discretion with design and elegance, Hera-line’s wall-mounted diffusion stations can be placed at a fixed height (1.90 to 2.10 m) on a wall. They are very quick and easy to install. The materials have been carefully selected to respond to the needs of public spaces  such as hospitals, crèches, retirement homes, veterinary clinic, wellness centers, offices, lobby & hosting spaces, meeting rooms, shops, etc.

    No indoor public space is completely free from bacteria

    Aethera holds the scientifically confirmed key to improving the health and well-being – hence the quality of life – of your colleagues, residents, patients, visitors, guests, customers, etc.

    Ensure the air they breathe is clean and healthy thanks to the Hera-line diffusion system.

    Portable version

    In the portable version of the Hera-line system, the pump and the diffuser form a whole.

    You take it everywhere, also in sensitive environments.  A simple power supply is enough in order to use your Hera-line portable diffuser.

  • > Polyamide capillaries

    Semi-rigid polyamide capillaries measuring 8mm in diameter can be easily attached to false ceilings, ventilated areas, outer casings or other cable guides.

    The topology of the capillary network depends on the positioning of the Hera-line wall stations throughout the building and also on the building itself. All types of architecture can be configured (line, star, tree, etc.), as long as the principle of having the shortest capillaries possible is respected, i.e. a maximum total of 100m.




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